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We are currently accepting new clients into our Treatment Navigation Program. If you need support walking through this process, please reach out to us at 615-212-9710!


To learn more about our Residential Treatment Grants including eligibility, availability, and how to apply, click here.

The Process

Residential Treatment Grant applications are currently closed. This page is frequently updated as our funding changes, so check back soon if you are in need of financial support for treatment.

Residential Treatment Grants

Mental Health Initiative recognizes that the cost of Residential Treatment is a huge barrier for a lot of families. As a part of our Treatment Navigation Program, when funding is available, we offer Residential Treatment Grants to help alleviate the financial burden of paying for treatment. These grants can cover a portion of, or all of treatment, depending on your situation. You can review the eligibility criteria for the grant, and learn how to apply below. 

Eligibility Criteria (1).jpg

Steps to Apply:

*We are not currently accepting applications due to funding availability. Please check back soon!*

1. Review the above eligibility criteria to ensure you or your loved one meets the grant criteria.

2. Contact or 615-212-9710 to set up a consult to discuss your/your loved one's needs and to check availability of funds. If funding is available and your needs are within MHI's scope, we will provide you an application for our Residential Treatment Grant. Remember, even if funds are not available, or if you are not approved, we can still work with you through our Treatment Navigation Program outlined above. 

  • Do I have to go through the Treatment Navigation Program to receive a Residential Treatment Grant?
    Yes, Residential Treatment Grants are only available for individuals in our Treatment Navigation Program. We believe in supporting our families holistically throughout their treatment process, not just providing financial assistance portion of support. Not sure if the entire program is right for you? Rest assured that our Treatment Navigation Program provides support as you need it, and is tailored to each individual and family's needs.
  • How do you decide who gets a grant?
    Grants are given based on a combined assessment of financial need, mental health acuity, and motivation to complete treatment. MHI completes a short interview with each potential awardee to further asses prior to awarding funds.
  • I applied for a grant and did not receive it. Are there other resources I could try?
    We truly wish we could give everyone a grant! We understand that since that is not possible, other options are a must. Please visit our resource page for additional options for support.
  • If I receive a grant through Mental Health Initiative, does the money go directly to me?
    Mental Health Initiative will work directly with your chosen treatment center and pay them directly.
  • I want to apply but the application is not open. When will it be open again?
    Our applications open as soon as we have the funding needed to provide grants. Please continue to check back as we aim to open them as frequently as possible.
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