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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure individuals experiencing severe and recurring mental health challenges have access to effective treatment regardless of income or insurance status. Additionally, MHI advocates for systemic changes that will increase access to, as well as promote education about, effective treatment modalities for acute psychiatric illnesses.

Our  Story

Get to Know Us

Mental Health Initiative was founded after our president, Lauren Conklin, witnessed a close friend’s mental health crisis as well as their subsequent health and financial struggles. In partnership with a therapist in a long-term mental health treatment center, Jessie Louverture, (and now Executive Director), MHI launched in 2022 to fill a gap where services are desperately needed: support and resources for those navigating severe mental illness.

What We Do

Mental Health Initiative is committed to supporting individuals and families as they navigate severe mental illness. Our goal is to make treatment more accessible by assisting with finding a treatment center, as well as paying for treatment. We are also committed to providing education and support to our community. Check out our services in more detail below. 

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