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As treatment and care for severe mental illness advances in the US, so should the opportunity for all to heal. Unfortunately, the opportunity for healing and growth is not available to many people due to financial barriers given the understandably high cost for effective quality care. MHI is working with residential treatment centers across the country to create partnerships to work towards reducing the financial barriers that keep people from receiving the care they need.

MHI Partnership Details:

A formal partnership with MHI consists of the following:

  • A commitment to making treatment more accessible.

  • Offering an agreed upon rate of payment to cover the entirety of costs associated with a single episode of treatment for clients who admit through MHI.

  • Agreement to offer the agreed upon rate once per year (subject to clinical appropriateness and ability of MHI to refer).

  • Recognition from MHI as a formal partner who is committed to increasing treatment accessibility.

Becoming an MHI Treatment Partner:

MHI invites you to talk further with us about becoming a formal Treatment Partner. We understand that treatment centers are businesses, and finding a way to make the partnership mutually beneficial is important. MHI is committed to identifying an agreement that will both support the treatment center and the individual needing services. Partnership agreements are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each treatment center. If interested in becoming a treatment partner, please contact our Executive Director, Jessie Louverture at 615-212-9710 or

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