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Why is a Directory Needed?

The process of locating Residential Mental Health Treatment can be overwhelming, especially if you are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Currently, the go-to way to find treatment is through searching Google, asking for word-of-mouth referrals, or hiring a consultant to guide you through the process. Even with these resources, there are often a lot of unanswered questions, resulting in the need to call each possible treatment center to get answers to questions needed to narrow down your options. This process can be time consuming, and when it comes to getting into treatment, time is not often something available.

About Our Directory

Our directory will consist of  Residential Mental Health Treatment Centers across the United States. Our goal is to make locating treatment easier for individuals, families, and providers. Our directory will be 100% free to use, and the criteria for inclusion is broad to ensure as many centers as possible can be included. 

Estimated Completion

We are so excited for this resource to be finished! We anticipate our directory to be completed and fully functional by the end of 2024, if not earlier.

Criteria to be Listed in the Directory

  • Offer a Residential Mental Health Treatment Program (28+ Days) 

  • Treat Primary Mental Health Disorders and/or Treat Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders.

  • Provide treatment to Adults (18+)

  • Commit to completing a Program Overview Update Form every 6 months to ensure accuracy of information

  • Utilize Evidence-Based Interventions for Treatment.

  • Be located within the United States

Do you work for a Treatment Center?

Download our informational directory flyer here.

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rvey here.

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