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Katy Lindenmuth

Board Member, Marketing Chair

Katy Lindenmuth is a longtime editorial and marketing specialist with both passion and compassion for all things wellness. After back-to-back dream jobs at Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue, she pivoted to digital brand work for companies like Entertainment Tonight, Moët Hennessy, and the Property Brothers. Whether crafting ad copy or planning a social campaign, she believes in non-coercive strategies that build positive, organic relationships with the audience. 

Katy’s most rewarding project to date is ghostwriting a best-selling health and fitness book that has positively impacted tens of thousands of readers. Her non-profit experience includes Waggle (pet-dedicated crowdfunding), Many Hopes (advocacy for vulnerable children), and Heldref Publications (educational journals). Katy is thrilled to bring her industry-spanning insights to the MHI board. 

Katy Lindenmuth
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