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Emily King

Board Member, Committee Chair

Emily King grew up in Knoxville and is excited to be back in Tennessee after living in the northeast for her studies and start of career. After studying marketing at Miami University, she moved to Philadelphia to study architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. During this time, she city-hopped for various school and work experiences and developed a passion for studying how thoughtful details and planning of the built environment can elevate the day-to-day and shape people’s lives.

She moved to Washington, DC after graduation to start her career in a city that has the cultural amenities and urban lifestyle she had grown to love, but with abundant parks and open green areas which she also valued. After a few years, she returned to her home state to be a part of the Hastings Architecture design team. 

Architectural designer by week and park explorer by weekend, Emily has found a lot of joy in visiting all the natural areas around the Nashville area. If she’s not in a park, she can usually be found checking out one of Nashville’s restaurants or scrutinizing maps for her next trip. Emily learned about MHI through a book club and is excited to help improve people’s mental, emotional, and physical space.

Emily King
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