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Christian Barker

Board Member

Named one of Billboard’s Top Music Lawyers, Christian Barker, Equity Partner, provides transactional representation for artists, songwriters, producers, independent record labels, independent music publishing companies, and artist management companies nationwide. He has signed songwriter and producer clients to nearly every publishing company in Nashville and beyond, with his crop of rising artist talent gaining momentum in all genres. 

Brokering deals for his clients totaling eight figures this past year, Christian attributes his success to thinking outside the box and putting his own creative spin on the practice of law. Because of his success, award-winning producers and songwriters have gravitated into his orbit, requesting his procurement skills in shopping their catalogs (songs and master royalties) to buyers internationally. Major buyers frequently use Christian as well, to assist in the location and acquisition of noteworthy music IP rights as they grow their portfolios. In addition, Christian represents clients in the TV/film, fine arts, and PR/digital media realms. He also advises on Web3/blockchain/NFT strategy and manages intellectual property portfolios for numerous businesses, both in and outside of the entertainment space. 

Outside of his practice, Christian remains active in the creative space as a consultant providing talent scouting, song plugging, and career advising services to songwriters, artists, labels, and publishers via his company FVLLGLΛSS, along with brand partnership and investment/business development activities.

Christian Barker
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